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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Using the Predator/Prey Relationship

The eagle is a magnificent bird of prey. He hunts many different types of animals, during any time of year, mostly in the daylight. Here is what we learn by using the powers of the bird of prey in our lives.

Adaptation: We must learn to be adaptable to changing environments, for our survival. When a food/energy source is gone, we must move on.

Waste Not: Predators waste very little, we must honor the sacredness of all forms of life, and if we must take like, not to squander, but be grateful for the sacrifice that was made for us.

Be Your Authentic Self: Animals have no choice but to be authentically themselves, a hunter hunts, a fish swims, bees pollinate, if not, they die. We must own our true natures, and live that as if our life depended on it.

Messengers: Eagle is the messenger from and to heaven. Eagle Clan people must use their
gifts to bring healing and messages to and from Spirit.

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