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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Second Lesson

This time when I went to the Council my guide was waiting for me. He was seated on the floor on a blanket and on the blanket were several different types of feathers in groups according to the bird they cam from. There were turkey feathers, eagle, owl, and goose feathers.

He said: These feathers show how the winged people adapt to their environment. They grow the feathers needed in order to find food, to transport themselves. You are to honor the wind, and what it has to tell you. Adapt to new situations based on what messages to get from the air.

I mentioned that I am always trying to read signals from others in the course of teaching, and if that was what he meant. He shook his head, No, you are using the earth element that way, through the body. I want you to use currents of air as your signals to intuition. Pay attention the breath, the air, vibrations that you see and sense.

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